AdvanTRAK provides Health Care Solutions in Patience Monitoring domain. 

The Remote Patient Monitoring Product is an Innovative Health Care Solution which Enables live remote access of patient vital signs : Blood Oxygen, Heart Rate, 3 Lead ECG, Respiratory Rate, Blood pressure and Temperature. 

 This enables Proactive identification of patient's deteriorating health allowing health care professionals to provide timely help, without overloading them with manual monitoring of patients.

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  • Networking + Telecom + Security
  • Medical
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  • ​Health Care

Market Focus

Pre—ICU - Our Kit can be used in Casualty or in a Ward before a person enters ICU

Post-ICU - Our Kit can be used on patients leaving ICU to enter a Ward. Smart monitor through mobile Post-ICU.

Post-Surgery - Our Kit can be attached to patients for first 12 hours after an operation

Specialist ward - The kit can be used in Cardio or other specialty and high dependency ward that needs smart monitoring

 Transfer - Kit attached to patients while moving from a ward for scans/tests or to another ward

 Ward Night time - The kit can be attached to patients for overnight monitoring when nurse staff are low continuously for 12 hours without charge.

 Ambulance - Our Kit is of immense use in the ambulance while transporting patients - the doctors can view the vital signs remotely

 Blood transfusion - The kit can be attached to patients after blood transfusion to avoid casualty

 Dialysis centre - The patients during/after dialysis can use our Kit to raise the smart alarms

 Neonatal - Using our neonatal disposable probes our Kit can be used for new born - preterm babies in the neonatal ward

Post discharge - The patients at home on first days following hospital discharge particularly following cardio surgery can use our Kit

Emergency - Patient who are in an emergency situation can use our Kits to use know their vitals immediately

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