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QNX Real-time Operating System 

The QNX® Neutrino® RTOS is a full-featured and robust OS that scales down to meet the constrained resource requirements of realtime embedded systems. Its true microkernel design and its modular architecture enable customers to create highly optimized and reliable systems with low total cost of ownership.

QNX products are designed for Embedded Systems running on ARM, SH, PowerPC MIPS and x86 platforms and a host of Embedded Boards implemented in virtually every type of Embedded Environment.

ADAS measurement, telemetry, data-processing and display solutions

Wired / wireless Data Acquisition Solutions with signal conditioning and I/O modules for Avionics, Military and Industrial Control.

A whole range of rugged displays and Panel PCs.

Data processing and display software namely KALLISTE, MAGALI and MAG DEBRIEF.

​Telemetry workstations, boards, fast realtime systems like ADWin.

  • Military + Defense Research
  • Aerospace
  • Automotive + Transportation
  • Industrial + Energy/Smart Grid
  • Networking + Telecom + Security
  • Medical
  • Simulation and Training
  • Cloud Computing
  • Geomatics and Agriculture
  • Public Works
  • Maritime Traffic
  • ​Health Care

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Trenton Systems

Leading supplier of Industrial and Military Grade Systems, PCI, PCIe and PCI-X backplanes, Rugged Chassis, Industrial Systems, Modular Blade Systems and Rugged Servers.

CoreDX DDS Middleware

CoreDX DDS is an easy-to-use, cross-platform, cross-language Inter-Process Communication (IPC) library. CoreDX DDS is high-performance and low-overhead, with great latency and message throughput numbers.

CoreDX DDS provides robust, flexible, and dynamic data communications.

CoreDX DDS is used in mobile games, consumer electronic devices, surgical equipment, health care applications, complex DoD systems and space robots. 

Panasonic Rugged Laptops

Panasonic Toughbook® laptops, tablets and handhelds are engineered with enterprise-grade security and can withstand drops, spills, dust and grime to perform in the harshest environments. They are designed for extreme, rugged conditions and bright, outdoor environments and include daylight-readable touchscreens.

Qt Application and GUI Framework

Qt  is a cross-platform application framework that is widely used for developing application software with a graphical user interface (GUI), and also used for developing non-GUI programs such as command-line tools and consoles for servers.

Qt uses standard C++ but makes extensive use of a special code generator (called the Meta Object Compiler, or moc) together with several macros to enrich the language.

GUI Development Products

 These products provide advanced graphical interface technology used to empower Human Machine Interface (HMI) development and virtual maintenance training.

​GL Studio offers developers the ability to build high-fidelity graphics and fully interactive controls into their software products for Desktops or for products that use DirectX, for Safety Critical User Interfaces as well as for Embedded Systems.

GL Studio allows connecting data sources, creating moving map displays, and interacting with Approach Procedure charts.

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